Friday, June 22, 2012

Duo berries charlotte

This cake is raspberry & strawberry mousse which  i add a little creamcheese to avoid
gelatin texture, it's so smooth and creamy.

For  raspberry liqueur syrup

20  ml   water
20  g     sugar
20 ml    raspberry liqueur 

bring water and sugar to boil , leave it cool then pour raspberry liqueur ,set aside

For  Biscotti savoiardi 

2      egg  white
40    g  sugar
2      egg  yolk
35    g   all purpose flour
15    g  potatostarch
1/2   ts  vanilla extract
1/8   ts   salt

30   g  icing sugar

sift  all purpose  flour, potato starch   , salt  together , set aside

beat egg white and gradually add sugar beating until grossy stiff peak

add yolk one by one at a time and mix till combine.

add  vanilla extract and pour sifted flour fold to combine ( do not overwork)
pour the batter in to the piping bag with 0.5 cm round tip

pipe round shape about 12 cm diameter and for the side
about 3-4 cm tall

 sift 15 g of icing sugar on top of the batter and meantime preheat the oven to 170°C

when the oven temperature is ready sift another 15 g of icing sugar on it again

and bake about 8-10 minute, leave it cool

then cut and round  the side of mousse ring mold

For creamcheese berries mousse

140  g   raspberry
140  g   strawberry
2     ts   lemon juice
80    g   caster sugar
1           gelatin sheet
42    g   creamcheese
126  g   whipping cream

bloom gelatin in cold water about 10 minute

bring raspberry ,strawberry ,sugar and lemon juice to boil
then keep it boiling over low heat about 5 minute
pour the mixture pass a sieve to a cleaning bowl
add gelatin mix until combine

beat whipping cream and creamcheese together until soft peak
pour the 1/3 of cream in to berriese mixture  fold to combine
then pour it back to cream bowl fold to combine

sprinkle the syrup over the cake  , pour berries mousse then regrigerate for 4 hours.

    make a decoration with fresh raspberry or as you desire

Buon appetito

 my little son try to read a story

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  1. This looks so delcious! And your little son in incredibly cute fellow. How awesome, you have a published book :)

  2. Yes, your son is really really cute! Thanks again for the yummy English recipe and beautiful photo illustration!

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