Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Homemade dog treat - Chicken liver biscuit

I made a promise with my dog that i gonna do cookie for him once a month.
so today i have a new biscuit dog treat for you.

I already made sweets for people whos around me and now
look like starting to my pet. haha


This recipe adapted from the privous Dog treat last month, well i did't translate on this site

anyway here they are the recipe.

Home made dog treat - Chicken liver biscuit

chicken liver ............. 325  g 
egg ............................ 2 
whole wheat flour......450  g
corn meal................  140  g
chicken stock............  200 ml

Make your own chicken stock , i used about 1 kg of chicken bone 
and add water just enogh to cover it , soft boil about 40 minute - 1 hr.
no need to add any seasoning or ever salt.

cook the chicken liver , just add a little of chicken stock if it to dry
add a little bit more, then leave it cool down.

Bring cooked chicken liver to food processer add 2 eggs and blend it.

In another bowl mix whole wheat flour and corn meal together
make a hold in the center , add chicken stock then add
liver paste, knead till smooth with your's hand.

Roll the dough about 1/2 inch thick,use cookie cutter
as your desire.

Bake at 180°C about 20-25 minutes

Leave it cool before treating your's lovely dog!

Store in air tight container in refrigerator.

I'm not much confidence and think what about if my dog don't like it!
what can i do or what should i do , haha

May i ask my beloved dog, what's wrong???

Lucky me that he's love it!

buon appetito


  1. You baked it for your dog and I’m sure that however it tastes like, he’ll eat it. He loves you too and he knows that you put in a lot of effort just to make that treat. Don’t worry much and trust your cooking skills. Okay?

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